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The Backstage

My favorite place to focus is the backstage. There you can marvel yourself with the most incredible things: costumes, wigs, make-up, scenario, blankets, all sorts of objects and boxes just hangin’ out. They’re usually a part of your production or someone else’s. Those pieces all piled up look like a classy installation of some 70’s artists. Also, what I love about being backstage is: usually it’s the calmest place to rehearse and to experiment. The soundproofing environment or wood shrieks of an old stage can really make you focus on what’s important at that particular moment when you dedicate yourself creating a performance. During rehearsals or even as requested by some friends I take photographs. Usually is to share on social media, other times is just keep them (I feel nowadays we share a lot of things but we don’t keep the important stuff anymore). So here’s a couple of shots I took during theatre plays and other backstage environments:


I believe Neale Donald Walsch wrote one the most universal lifestyle mantras: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”. So, what makes someone decide to live somewhere else? To speak a different language every day? To adjust to a new environment? Besides the usual reasons (which you can hear on the news every day), why we live outside of our home country?

To challenge ourselves, to meet new people, to try new things, to get a new perspective, to know what we want, to face our fears, to shake our curiosity, to not settle, to find new opportunities, to figure things out.

We’re not criminals, we’re not here to take jobs. We’re not defined by political standards, social stereotypes or forms of violence. Don’t think we are stupid just because our home country is small in size or population number. We have an education most of the times. I recommend to try to live somewhere else. At least once in your life so you can test yourself and learn from your reactions and mistakes. It’s a great growing up experience. Every immigrant has its own story. We’re not a minority. On the contrary. If you look around you’ll see that everyone has been someone else before…

Berlin stole my heart

There’s an incredible feeling when you arrive somewhere that just captivates you from the bottom of your gut and turns your world upside down. Berlin was everything that I desired and much more. It completely blew me away. It caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to fall in love so quickly.

I immediately loved the rushed pace of the city, the architecture, the subcultures and everything in between that makes Berlin the “New York of Europe”. Artistically speaking, I couldn’t be happier, in every corner you can find an alternative space dedicated to arts, crafts and music. I was also fortunate to already know some of the locals so I had little tours with them where I got to know the kind of lifestyle you can find on the capital of Germany.

One of the things that drawn me immediately to the Berlin scene was how cosmopolitan a city can be. I really felt I was in a place free of any judgement, barriers or prejudice. It felt as sophisticated as it should be: an urban metropolitan that embraces the new and the old in one beautiful city. Like David Bowie once said “The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.”

The city vibe defined my presence as a civilian. It dared me to dream higher, to carve bold statements such has “Live Bold or Die Boring!”. Berlin is political and artsy at the same time, even the suburbs of the city, it shows the scars of the past almost in each building and makes you don’t forget how peace is a delicate state of mind and it’s our responsibility as a society to learn how to preserve it.

All around the city you can see clear marks of ghosts and voices that explode from every poster, graffiti, painting, sculpture and any form of self expressionism. I find thrilling the raw emotion present in each art form. From time to time I’ll visit Berlin, promised. Also wouldn’t mind working there… for any reason in particular.

Second Chances

I took this past season to reflect before transition into a new challenge. It all has been a learning process. Personally and professionally. But in the end, I think we’re all trying to find happiness. It’s not an easy road, but it’s good to know that I’m not alone in this quest. Me and my best friends are apart. Each one in a different country doing different things, performing different jobs, conquering a new life. Mostly we try to do what’s best for us and in the end, we’re all on the same boat. We struggle to keep each other close and to make it. All that matters is that in the end, there’s always love, so everything is possible. But still I keep certain reminders: don’t let traumas limit your exploring; don’t let your fears decide to stay in the comfort zone; do what you gotta do; try. Try even harder. Take a chance; never regret. Take a risk. Breathe. Always. As a great friend of mine once said: “We don’t know! But maybe happiness is not about “the right choice”. I see it more like the right to make a choice, to do your best out of it without regrets.”

Happy New Year everyone!