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How to let it go

I wish I knew how to organize some ideas. Sometimes your brain is just full of excessive adrenaline. I try to make this website about my work, but also I cannot ignore my opinions or other types of creative material I produce. By the title of this post you expect me to describe an incredible personal moment, but instead of that I prefer to stick with the experience of being through that. I guess I never understood the concept of love as a disease. Until I couldn’t get over a situation, a metaphor, a presence. It took some time to admit it and to deconstruct what was wrong in my platonic world of possibilities. Since then, I feel that pieces of advice from the right people are the best medicine. It’s never who you want, it’s who you need. Don’t ever deny yourself from that support. Look for it. Do what you must do to move on. I believe that’s all I have to say on this 101 matter. Thank you for reading this post and also for following my work.

The VR suitcase

The concept was somewhat simple. The challenge was to make it possible.

A suitcase that could carry all your virtual reality experiences without a power source and also, that you could carry on an airplane. These videos were made to inform you about the product and also to inspire you to take VR everywhere.

For more information please visit or contact via e-mail to:

Bologna, a new lover

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to discover a new part of Italy. Through friends, I’ve visited Milano, Padova and some other northern Italian places. But Bologna was still unknown to me until 2 months ago.

My first time in this city was based on walking everywhere and eating delicious food on the go. Bologna doesn’t disappoint. At all. A mixture between old 70’s urban European style meets Italian Shakespearean vibes. At least to me this was my first impression of this beautiful city.

Another proof that it’s impossible not to have a crush on Italy. The people, the food, the language, the history. I will come back to Bologna for sure, not only to visit friends, but to get to know the city more in depth.

arrivederci alla prossima volta!

Live from reality

What do you want me to say?!

People keep holding on to their souls like they couldn’t preach another word tomorrow. We feel fear. It’s on the back of our heads. We cry because the pain is mutual. Grief paints itself with different faces. And in the middle of this there’s always a vague question: how the hell did we get here?

How did we allow weapons to have more power than words. How did we decide not to trust someone who’s different than us. How did we discriminate others from the outside.


People are sad. Tired. Fed up. Crossing their fingers that nothing bad happens. Generations before us gave their lives to fight for our freedom. But nowadays we live a new type of war. A war that has no boundaries, teams or sides. It’s a complex mix between misunderstandings, violence and discrimination.

Luck. That small factor that plays a big important part in our daily lives. That thing that keeps your heart overwhelmed by admitting “I was lucky not to be there at the wrong time.” Chaos. A complex situation that we, the people, want to get out of it as soon as possible.

We may have no idea how to solve all these major problems that are conflicting us. But at least we know, for sure, that compassion, love and happiness will prevail.

Whatever comes.