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(How to) deal with anxiety

There are some studies who show that most funny people have a high level of emotional intelligence. I don’t categorize myself as being funny all the time, but it has been reminded to me that I make people laugh even when it’s not my intention to. I never understood exactly what this meant until some years later. I got to know my dark/sad/twisted/angry/negative side pretty well. I decided to get comfortable with it because it’s a part of everyone’s personality and it’s important to make the discomfort a productive time in your everyday life. Having high emotional intelligence doesn’t mean the generalization that you cry all the time. Also, it doesn’t mean that you’re a drama queen. It means something more than understanding complex emotional situations. You see, we all have a voice, but sometimes we cannot really hear it inside ourselves. There are so many reasons why this voice is numb or even confused; and it can take some time to release it. People diminish anxiety by default because sometimes they think it’s easy to overcome a mind block situation or a very difficult cringing moment with a nap. Doesn’t matter what the personal situation is, there can be a pain in the chest or a sudden aware that breathing has become heavier than usual. If you’re suffering in any way I want you to know you’re not alone. There are people who can help you out. Online and offline. Never be afraid of expressing yourself in any way possible. Reach for help because it’s worth it. Promise.

For all of us

Today we are here. Standing. All together. Many voices with only one message in common: equal rights.

A phenomenon is taking the streets reacts to a normal/pertinent question: “Who do you think I am?!”. It’s not just about exploitation, it’s also about the complex challenges people face every day. Such as: sexism, body shaming, slut shaming, no paid maternity leave, violence, emotional abuse, no freedom of speech, no freedom of choice. The gender gap is still a reality when it comes to finance, investments, social life and even screen time in the entertainment business.

Besides this we are in a period of evolution where more genders and norms are finally being shown to the world and thanks to that we are able to live in a diversified society. We will not preach fear against the unknown. All over the world, people are showing their true colors and there’s nothing that can stop them.

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Right now it is the time to march for equal rights to equal forces: because all genders deserve the same civil rights.

Let’s continue.

The Cinema is (always) changing

The art of storytelling can be reached through the medium of a movie, a short-film or even a simple video. Although not all content out there is worthwhile our time. We tend to forget that movies can influence not only the people, but the cultural identity of a nation. As a creative person I noticed over the years the more I studied about films and worked within independent productions, I learned that the goals of a movie can be very different according to its target market. That being said, we, the audience, shouldn’t be naive to what filmmaking really is in the modern world: it’s a business format. The innocent proof of this statement can be found only today: thanks to the internet we can choose what to watch and where. But still most blockbuster movies are made by major studios in America, but things are (always) changing (according to where the production value is). I decided to share with you two explanatory videos on how commercial movies are changing and also an example of how ceremony awards work:

None the less I recommend two platforms to explore new creative storytelling:

Kickstarter: here you can support a project and follow its development.

Vimeo: Explore through the categories of Vimeo to find incredible videos and short-films.

The things you discover

“Sometimes you just need a break up from routine.” This is the kind of statement we are used to hear all time, but never really practiced it. Until one day, one time, you’re sitting on an airplane about to go on a two-hour trip to your weekend destination and you think about all your first world problems and how in the end, nothing of that matters because you’re loved, you’re healthy and most of all, you’re so incredibly lucky to be exactly where you are. Alive. Life is not perfect and we should, all together, appreciate it a little more every time we step outside our doors. Without further ado, Merry Christmas everyone and have an excellent New Years Eve.

Bring it on 2017.