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Venice was the first place I ever visited in Italy. I was there for La Biennale di Venezia. I wished I’ve covered more events but my week was full of movie watching at the festival and hanging around Lido. It was great! My knowledge of Italy was based on the amazing food they eat, the mafia, the coliseum, the streets of Rome, Dolce & Gabbana and of course, the language itself.

Venice is one of those places that you easily fall in love with. Basically because there’s nothing like it in the world. My favorite part about exploring this unique city was waking up very early in the morning and go outside to lose myself within those streets. You can find some pretty amazing sights once you’ve lost track of where you are. It seemed liked a Disney overture musical in the morning time: loads of tourists, tradesfolk, gondolas and yet me somewhat in the middle of this massive crowd trying to make it to the end of the street so I could mesmerize The Grand Canal. I love the labyrinth feeling of the whole city, it feels like you’re playing hide and seek all the time. You might bump into a stranger once you’re turned a corner.

The inspiration is endless, as soon as I arrived there I understood why Shakespeare was so fascinated with the Italian-love-feeling of the city, every street or canal looks like an old beautiful 18th-century old painting. The architecture is unparalleled as the music. I truly recommend to sit down in the middle of Piazza San Marco at 10pm. You’ll hear some Venetian music style: it can be opera, Vivaldi, classical or even medieval. It’s inspiring as it is. The Italian Renaissance still has some palpable feeling in any corner of Venice. It’s pure historical magic.

Oh Yes! I almost forgot to mention the food! There is not enough praise for the many delicious dishes that Italians are very well know for. I don’t recommend any restaurant in particular, I can only recommend for you to be curious enough to try a local restaurant. For me, Venice meant eating at least one ice-cream per day. They are super-amazing-can’t-get-enough delicious. I miss those SO much.

I want to go there again during Carnival to see the masks outside of the shop windows. The costumes are breathtaking, it looks like a true fairytale. I recommend to read about the meaning of the masks and the costumes as well. Now I’m ready to explore more costumes and traditions about Italy.

I hope to come back soon!