Year: 2014

The Holiday

This must be the high season of emotional phases. Everything is mixed up in one big cocktail of fulfillment: between quality family time, best friend reunions and MANY Christmas dinners, there’s always time/space to be lazy and feel cosy at the house where you grew up. Time to cherish moments like these that make the world go round and round… an everyday diary that cannot wait to get to 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy it *


well… things have been rough lately. Not in a bad way. Being proactive is one of many qualities you can get as a human being. Right now I’m in the middle of several tasks: organizing my moving to the U.K. scheduled in January (yes, I know. I’m a classic emigrant), practicing my master thesis defense presentation which will happen in any moment now, keeping personal responsibilities/goals up front while attending a small surgery (it’s ok, nothing to worry about). I guess it all comes on managing pressure versus stress… but anyway, as anyone says in real life: “don’t stop. just keep going”.

The video portrait

my journey for the past few months has been in Germany finishing my education and working as well. This Erasmus experience has been amazing! Right now I’m finishing my graduation to get on board in a new adventure in early January. Chris Klupfel shots different video portrays: I was lucky to be part of one of them: raw, simple and nervous.

Festa do Avante!

there are three days a year where one of the oldest festivals in Portugal occurs in early September. Festa do Avante! is something I recommend to dance, discover and listen to not only Portuguese bands but also to some interesting sounds made in Europe. Always full of people, culture, food and politics, “Avante” (as we call it) is a good experience to share with friends and family.

Words, words, words

lately it all comes down to more than words: writing an internship report (or the so-called thesis) it’s not an easy piece of cake but also it’s not at all impossible. meanwhile I’ve been enjoying the simple things in life that only some people know about: walking on the beach, dancing near the sea, drinking refreshing cocktails, swimming. Summer is better when you have a project in hands and you work on it in the most stressful environment. Can’t wait to finish all my writing and go back to work!