Month: February 2014


Usually in the end of each year I´m used to have a showreel. This showreel is basically some examples of my work during the whole year. Since this year is a turning point in my life I believe I won´t have a specific video post on the end of the year… Right now, I miss using my camera to film all my friends and editing videos just for the sake of it; but, in spite of that I really feel that I´m starting to change my life for good. Independence never felt so right. P.S.- I know there´s a difference between a personal blog and a working showcase website/blog but for me works better if both are in the same place because my job is always related to the way I think and create stories, performances; inspiration is everything and you shouldn´t judge someone/something for so little.


love is different for single one of us and it has a special meaning. For some of us means getting lost in the moment, others take step by step to build a relationship. the love that I nourish for some people in this world are also known as best friends and family. They are everything that makes me breath, just incredible human beings in the true sense of the word “incroyable”. I’m settle down with my best friends that everything is possible. Anywhere, anytime. It’s so good to love someone (and I’m not letting that go. ever.)

The price of freedom

There are a series of unfortunate events which happen around the world every single day without anyone being aware of these extreme situations. Wars are known to be devastating when it comes to human rights. Wars are revolutionary but not a in good way: there’s a price, a trade, a cost of fighting, of demanding what belongs to our human condition. Those who have the courage to fight for our people are the true heroes, people who fight for their rights no matter what. Only these people know how frustration feels like, how falling asleep becomes haunted with memories we wish never existed in the first place. Wars still a no-sense thing nowadays and chaos should be vanished from earth. definitely. peace is a goal; and even if we feel impotent to some injustices/wars/battles that help around the world, we can still share messages like this one (or help/donate money to institutions like this for example, or even UNICEF):


There’s obvious a side of me which likes to express itself thought clothes, fabric or simply just a simple wearable object. Fashion is too dynamic today and you can follow the leader or you can actually pick and choose what you think it’s best for you. Don’t care about the comments of anyone. any-one. It’s your thing so it will always be unique. True story. that side of me can be found here.

Keep the faith

Spending Valentine’s day on the middle of the crowd can be a bit too noisy. Especially when too many people are interested on talking to you: you get to the point of no sociable conversation because your brain stops to nod along to every stupid thing that the person in front of you shouts… So what is really the point? Is it just playing hard to get? Or it’s also: letting go?