Our people

no matter how…whatever you go…you will always remember your hometown: the people, the surroundings, the hangouts, the whole city changing right before your eyes while you grow up, the whole urban and suburban places that you’ve met over the last years. everything in the world just crumbles around you while your hometown change BUT the best thing in common with all those places, nights and streets are you’re very best friends from the age of six. That’s something that lasts forever. No matter how. I remember the slang, all the talking about nothing. those were the best times of our youngster life and we didn’t even know it (‘cause everything at some point is taking for granted no matter what your reality is, some routine events just become casual). When you realize that everything is special thanks to those moments with those people: don’t be afraid of being a little selfish, you’re the only one who knows where you come from. Respect.