lately, I´ve been familiar with the “statement” kind of situation. Since I´m new in town I thought I would have to do more effort to blend in the community but apparently I have a physical condition which allows me to already belong in the crowd even if I don´t speak a word of German. My towering height has been a conduct to weird social situations where I must then deliberate “Ich nicht spricht deutsch. Ich komme aus Portugal”. Some people believe me, others think I´m mocking them (it depends on the alcohol percentage at some point of the conversation). But anyway, it feels great and wonderful to be part of “the gang” even if I´m just undercover (like a 007 agent); and don´t judge people by their looks: German people are actually very warm-hearted and also funny, you just have to talk to them in an easy breezy way and you´ll crack them up instantly. Just be sure to stay away from the no-expression type of person (I have trouble deciphering if a person is happy or sad or whatever if they don´t express themselves… it´s too much of a conundrum for me). anyway, I hope that your statement stands by your looks (who would have known?).