Month: March 2014


there are so many moments in our lifetime when we can appreciate and breathe inspiration. depending on the day or the mood, you choose what to take in and use it to create something new or even simply, inspiration to move on. As an actress there are constant stimulations to create something new and to move from project to project and get involved in new roles. yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time the new Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Projects and Stories like this one make me believe that inspiration fuels dreams (consequently those dreams become objectives, achievements, accomplishments). The reason I love to act is to be part of something that allows me to grow as an artist/performer (and realizing that I wouldn’t mind at all being part of a Wes Anderson movie).  Spoilers ahead:

Rite of passage

when life comes and goes as fast as it can possibly be, sometimes you forget your way back. Struggling between work and new opportunities for a sustainable future, trying to find time in my schedule to return to Portugal. Of course I’m already homesick but what I miss the most are the simple little things as being with my group of best friends, go to Porto during S.João, spending time with my grandmother, traveling by car with family, going out all summer nights… but still…life is happening right now and I can’t miss it. As many immigrants wish that someday, somehow, the financial/political conditions will get better in our home country. I really do hope that things get prosperous in a near future.


my schedule has been filled up with not only working timetable (including Saturday) but also with great meetings, awesome places to discover, planing good trips to the next month. Sometimes time passes so fast that you literally have no time to give feedback to “the world”… instead you’re text messaging at 3 am with BFF and writing family notes saying “I’m alive and well”. For now I really miss spending holidays at Portugal (and I hope I’ll comeback to catch some sunlight during summertime). I know if I keep the focus on my work, later on I’ll comeback for the holidays.