Month: May 2014

A Hard Day’s Night

Everyday routine is hard on everyone. We have deadlines, stress, anxiety and everything just comes and goes as the day goes by. Right now I’m sustaining myself by having three part-time jobs while I also work as an actress in a play (but unfortunately it’s a non paid job). Sometimes you gotta have another occupation to fulfill your dream: when you really crave something, you do everything for it, so, instead of complaining, I work hard everyday. I believe I’m building something worthwhile and mostly, I believe that things will get better and one day I will sustain myself by my craft. All of it.

Role Models

Inspiration comes and goes in many forms: by sightseeing, by rediscovering something, by surprise, by mesmerizing and observation. In this world we also feel inspired by other people: not only by their work but also but their personality and mentor-ship. Personally, I have a list of people who I consider to inspire me over the years. Their work makes me love my craft and appreciate what comes with it. Of course I will not publish the list entirely here but I will mention some acquaintances of yours I hope: Dame Judi Dench: I will not spend much time explaining who she is; instead, I recommend her books, filmography but mostly if you have the opportunity to see her on stage, go (you already envy me… perhaps in the future I will have that chance). Bill Murray: I can’t really explain why but the figure of Bill Murray has always been there since “Ghostbusters” or “Space Jam”. He’s not only a great comedian but also has a charismatic work in American cinema. Emma Thompson: she has …