Role Models

Inspiration comes and goes in many forms: by sightseeing, by rediscovering something, by surprise, by mesmerizing and observation. In this world we also feel inspired by other people: not only by their work but also but their personality and mentor-ship. Personally, I have a list of people who I consider to inspire me over the years. Their work makes me love my craft and appreciate what comes with it. Of course I will not publish the list entirely here but I will mention some acquaintances of yours I hope:

Dame Judi Dench: I will not spend much time explaining who she is; instead, I recommend her books, filmography but mostly if you have the opportunity to see her on stage, go (you already envy me… perhaps in the future I will have that chance).

Bill Murray: I can’t really explain why but the figure of Bill Murray has always been there since “Ghostbusters” or “Space Jam”. He’s not only a great comedian but also has a charismatic work in American cinema.

Emma Thompson: she has a wonderful career and she is truly brilliant in everything she does. Of course I don’t know her as a person but from the media feedback, she’s a down to earth “celebrity” with a very good sense of humor.

Sir Ian McKellen: Along with Lady Dench and many other good actors, he’s just awesome. I wish I could also see him on stage… of course no one forgets “Lord of the Rings” or “X-men”…

These are examples of people who inspire me everyday to be more ambitious and to find what is truly meaningful about what you’re doing: It doesn’t matter if it’s a job, craft or career. Just breath in, let go misconceptions, take risks, admit fears and move on.