Training ground

Lately, (as you probably read on my last post), I’ve been rather busy. Managing time between three different part-time jobs, then having rehearsals at night (the play opens in July) and finally, writing my internship report to finish my masters in acting. In spite of this, I realized there are some people who like to validate themselves by shouting their conquers. This is a very unnecessary quality about a person unless what you’re saying it’s actually 100% reasonable. My point here is just to remind you (the person who’s reading this): don’t let yourself down because someone tried to prove that he/she is better than you or has a more “interesting life” than yours. There’s no such thing as perfection and people shouldn’t step on each other just to prove that an individual can have more experience than another person. Each knowledge in all of us is different and has many stages or learning. We grow up to become better human beings. We don’t have evolution to become more successful than the person next to us. Support causes that matter, “be kind to one another” (quoting Ellen DeGeneres) and follow your path as you are. Your conquers will reflect on your personality (no reason to shout it). Have self-confidence and mostly: self-respect.