Month: July 2014

vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen! Supermarkt Superschnäppchen Super XXL

To finish my Masters degree in acting (performing arts), I did an Erasmus internship abroad. Meanwhile I ended up enrolling on this play which was inspired by Ingrid Lausund’s “Hysterikon”: we all loved the concept of the text and from that point we’ve created something new. Dramaturgy: Asisa Hafez 178. Production / TheaterSpielHaus Photography: Sara Felino


There are so many people we cannot live without. I’ve learned through time that it’s fine, ok and reasonable to be dependent from others. Best friends are there when we least expect: they are with us no matter how. Their advice stays in our minds to face reality. Friends are always surprising: even when you don’t stay in touch so often, they are there for a good chat. Personally, I find the connection that maintains a relationship, one of the most mystic treasures of humanity. It’s the unknown we crave and it’s the discovering that’s exciting (and after many years we keep the right ones inside our hearts).