Month: February 2015

The real thing

The last couple of days have been dark and edgy in the most unexpected way. London is a harsh business jungle where everything seems to be designed for one thing only: work hard. This mixture between industrial Frankfurt sights, cultural ethnic Berlin and a touch of British taste has an explosive result on these Londoners. I’ve been wondering why I was so fascinated with this particular city… perhaps the english charm has been lost or maybe this is a new decade defining a new capital. Nothing is perfect. I’ll stick to my goals, the people who I love and my curiosity. After all, that’s all I’ve got.

Take a punch

Sometimes you just need a reality check. We need to think that we’ll not be living miserably and we’re responsible for making the best we can for ourselves. Everything will be fine. When you’re leaving a place that’s so close to your heart, it feels like you have to choose between love and going abroad. After several anxiety attacks (of my personal experience), I’ve decided the best thing to do dealing with this signs of “weakness” (being uncomfortable, insecure, fragile) it’s simply to avoid thinking that you don’t deserve this “new reality”. Avoid conceiving bad thoughts. It sounds simple but it can be incredibly hard sometimes. We’re all human and we deserve happiness. It’s our nature. So, when you think you have to pick between two or three (or even more) of your own personal conquests, don’t make a choice. You deserve everything. We live in times where we can communicate with anyone we want and still be together through it all. That’s what matters in the end.

Set up

I cannot believe that February (and Monday) are already here! London preparations have been crazy scheduling around some last-minute tasks before moving abroad. I can’t get enough of this new sense of reaching something that I thought it was beyond my imagination… I believe that’s why (unconsciously) I kept this key chain. It has been ten years since my first visit to London and now it’s time to commit to a new chapter: full of opportunities, life, changes, mistakes, adventures. I will not settle for less than learning in a brand-new-wide city. let’s go!