Month: April 2015


Today was an important date for Portugal in 1974. A revolution was made to set free a country from a harsh dictatorship. Nowadays we throwback our minds to the reason why our freedom was in cause and mostly why still have so many changes to do: not only politically but also humanly. Life is a force that can drive us through so many story-lines that sometimes is confusing to pick our conquests and to face our losses. I was pleasantly surprised with this new ad of Super Bock. This simple premise represents a whole generation who’s connected all the time but still, we tend to find ourselves alone (and kind of lost). To be free nowadays you must pay the price of keeping good friends around. Real relationships. Unconditional love. The battle starts within you: keeping safe every single soul that you nurture, caring about someone who drastically changed you, be around the ones you’ve decided to commit no matter what. Go out. Fight for it.

Birthday wishes

I’ve just turned 25 today and as a symptom of a quarter-life crisis, I’ve started questioning all my decisions… except one: I didn’t even questioned myself on trading professional success with personal achievements. I would never make such a trade. I don’t want to destroy those relationships, I don’t want to delete my past. Being successful is a fortunate event, not a goal. Otherwise you take the risk on being selfish with yourself versus your ego (as you can see there’s literally no point on questioning this sort of matter). I’ve started appreciating the good people I’ve met in the past few years, those strangers in my life who helped me. Without further notice, I’ve started to believe that, in fact, there’s good will in people. This example represents all the beautiful things my friends say to me unexpectedly. Those words are the living prof of how lucky I am to meet such kind, warm people (even sometimes without noticing how incredible they are). They treasure some random moments that I’ll never forget. Those moments …

To Continue

When something is defined as inexplicable we usually tend to assume that every now and then, everything has to do with luck. We pray to the gods, we check horoscopes to see if the starts are aligned, we do good deeds to “clean” our karma. But the truth is, life happens anyway. Even though you’re a good person, the most unexpected things can happen. At the moment I’m scared that I’ll lose everything that I have in order to build or achieve a new life. Even though I’m in a new phase, it doesn’t mean I have to destroy my past to “make room” for a new future. Having self-doubt is essential for learning and achieving a graceful appreciation for our mistakes. Loosen your expectations, and find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. We’re all going through something. Feeling weak it’s an human behavior and there’s people in this world to help you standing up again. Don’t be selfish with yourself, rely within the ones you love the most. Be grateful for your …