Birthday wishes

I’ve just turned 25 today and as a symptom of a quarter-life crisis, I’ve started questioning all my decisions… except one: I didn’t even questioned myself on trading professional success with personal achievements. I would never make such a trade. I don’t want to destroy those relationships, I don’t want to delete my past. Being successful is a fortunate event, not a goal. Otherwise you take the risk on being selfish with yourself versus your ego (as you can see there’s literally no point on questioning this sort of matter). I’ve started appreciating the good people I’ve met in the past few years, those strangers in my life who helped me. Without further notice, I’ve started to believe that, in fact, there’s good will in people. This example represents all the beautiful things my friends say to me unexpectedly.

Those words are the living prof of how lucky I am to meet such kind, warm people (even sometimes without noticing how incredible they are). They treasure some random moments that I’ll never forget. Those moments are the best gift of all. So, thank you for letting me, keeping you, close to my heart; and for listening, of course. I’m deeply grateful for all your words.