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Le bonheur en Paris

oh yes! I still remember Paris. It has been eleven years since I first visited the capital of France. I was fourteen years old and it was my first time outside of Portugal (I had been in a plane before but going to the Madeira island it’s not the same feeling). My french back in the day was good and almost fluent… at least I could order some delicious pain au chocolate.

I had previously known Paris through many different stories of Portuguese immigrants (some of them were friends of my parents). Between the 60’s/70’s there was a huge flood of Portuguese immigrants to France simply because we wanted to escape dictatorship. You can find one of those stories here.

Paris is beautiful and romantic in a simple classy way. It’s a lady of its own that mixtures 19th century feeling with the modern times of the 20th. It was the first time I’ve bought a striped blouse (just because it remembered me of Coco Channel) and also visited all the iconic monuments while wandering around the city, wanting to become a Parisian in a Godard Film. I loved the architecture and the food specially, french breakfast is my kind of meal and the patisserie is just an art form in France! I never saw such beautiful cakes and croissants.

Also during that time I went to Versailles (which blew me away), I was studying the whole history about Marie Antoinette and the context of the French revolution so it was a treat for me. I also went to Disneyland Paris just for fun, ended up getting some silly autographs from childhood characters.

In Paris I mostly explored the city center (I was staying in Montparnasse) and then I explored Vaugirard, Montrouge, Canal St Martin and Montmartre. I want to come back to Paris just to refresh my memory (it’s a shame I haven’t been back since then!). I want to walk around to rediscover my first voyage abroad and to experience more of the French New Wave.

à bientôt!