Where you can find me

I started my first blog when I was 15 years old. It was 2006 and I’ve decided to create “take 4” on the Blogger platform. At the time it seemed the more personalized option and to be honest, I had some cool layouts for my blog since then. On “take 4” I write in Portuguese about movies that I watch over the past few months (you can also choose to visualize it in english or any other language thanks to the google translator app). I also write about TV series and other content that seems interesting to me as a member of the audience. I post at least once a week. I try not to be too judgmental about what I watch or to spoil the whole experience to the reader.


Five years later, the internet had a vocabulary of its own and with that big bang, Tumblr was a brand new blogging platform. It got my attention for the super cool designer layouts and the huge amount of images you can find randomly. Any kind of GIF, meme or random video is on Tumblr. Predominantly used by youngsters, this microblogging platform hit a big success in the social media. Mine is called “Joana’s Mood Board”. It’s a huge collage of simple things that I like, feel inspired by, texts that I’ve wrote randomly over the years, random pictures n’ videos that are part of my mood in that particular time.


Finally, the last page I created was on WordPress. I was tired of uploading new articles on wix.com and I wanted a more accessible website that combined the projects that I’m working on as well as some episodes of everyday life, so I created this page. This is my main website.

In total: three different pages. My main website (this one), my movie blog “take 4” and my tumblr “Joana’s Mood Board” for randomness. I shall not create any more accounts online. I think with these three platforms I can express myself well enough.

how about you? how do you post online?