Month: July 2015

Equal Rights

We’ve achieved some great milestones through this year so far: Same-sex marriage in the United States has been legal nationwide since June, Ireland said yes to the same cause in a referendum and mostly there have been some revolutions amongst our society. Yes, we’re on our way to equal rights. But still, now, more than ever, we’ve got more work to do. There are many issues that should be debated actively so we can find a resolution. The concept of acceptance is a simple notion that unfortunately has caused a lot of damage over the centuries. Nowadays we must support each other because within’ acceptance lies our freedom as a society, as a community, and most of all, as a person. Being truthful about your identity shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a universal right and above all it’s the bravest thing you can do in your lifetime. You don’t need an award for that, you don’t need a big audience to see you making’ it, you just need to feel comfortable in your own skin. …

Te amo Barcelona

Every time I feel a ray of sunshine burning on my skin or I get the feeling that summertime is just around the corner, it reminds me of the beautiful capital of Catalonia. I’ve been in Barcelona for almost fifteen days in February 2012 with one of my best friends. It was the first time we also used couchsurfing as a way to explore even deeper the city lifestyle. You can find our adventure here. I must say I loved everything about this cosmopolitan city: the urbanistic sights matches up with the street style of the Catalans, the language and dialect itself sounds beautifully mysterious, the food, including all the tapas and sangria were divine, the live music, the culture and of course, as part of being a tourist, the monuments. It was one of those cities where I got the feeling “I could live here for a while”. I’ve always wanted to enrich my Spanish and learning Catalan might be a good way to do it. The lifestyle of Barcelona is vivid and colorful. …

The 8th Bastille Week

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some theatre companies along the way. Besides acting, I’ve been taking photos and recording video of some theatre productions. Annually, Bastille Week takes place in London where Exchange Theatre presents their latest work. Exchange Theatre is an international company established in 2006 which produces and translates unknown or rare French-speaking plays. Since then the company has grown into different directions taking new opportunities within theatre workshops, amateur drama classes for French-speaking and also doubling their professional plays (English and French version). These are some of the best photos I took during this week.