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Sights of Amsterdam

Ten years ago I visited the Netherlands for the first time. Besides Amsterdam I had the opportunity to visit other cities around the country but obviously the capital made a huge impression.

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With all the water canals, bicycles and alternative people, Amsterdam amazed me by its relaxed lifestyle. The weather is always humid no matter how cold or how hot it is. The urbanistic side of it is less brutal than other capitals of Europe. Remember this is a full green city, lots of water, less pollution, more nature friendly. I really liked this aspect about the city. It’s Eco-friendly.

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The architecture itself is unique and recognizable on every corner. Dutch houses are unique just like its citizens. In terms of culture, it’s a very good city to visit, full of all kinds of museums, shops and tourist spots. The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk museum of modern art and the Van Gogh Museum are perfect examples.

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I truly recommend to find unusual spots around the city, there are some alternative venues, coffee shops and local bars waiting to be discovered. I’ll be back to visit some members of my family and also to explore the city with friends.

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