High price

London is unstable in almost everything: the weather, the shops that change location while you pass by them, the citizens that come and go… except for the cost of living. It is expensive. Money fights the gray British weather so every pound has to be well spent.

London has become a European mandatory stop in many lives; opportunities are just around the corner if you keep looking persistently. That’s one of the main reasons why people decide to settle in this city. Personally, since I’m not cut out for the country life, London is perfect as any other huge metropolis, but because of its cost of living (and because of my work) it made me realize that I belong to the crowd that takes traveling as a way of living and not as a leisure activity. I got used to adapt myself in a temporary place. Deciding where to settle down is a quest that we all deal at some point of our lives and it can happen many times due to various reasons. One thing to know for certain: it’s a big change every time you move somewhere new.

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Analyzing the complexity of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” situation, I’ve come across with this project – http://www.londonischanging.org/ – “This project is intended to facilitate discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London.” I truly recommend to become a part of it. With so many changes around us, it’s refreshing to know that we’re not alone in a big city. Sometimes, it’s important to acknowledge that change is (indeed) a good thing.