About breakups

The hardest part about a breakup is to acknowledge there’s no going back after “the end”. Letting go of someone you still truly care about and feel some sort of connection is devastating. You feel powerless. Lost. Terribly sad. Desperate. Needy. A fool. All your hopes and dreams that were built up with that someone else is just a part of your past. Life is full of choices that are not controlled or even made by us. It’s a kind of involuntary will if you want to put a tag on it. Many people wonder “how to get through it”: I believe with certain people, we don’t “get through it”, we learn and adapt ourselves on how to live with those moments that are long gone. But most importantly, give yourself TIME. I really don’t care about how much time you need. Don’t regulate your emotions by the clock or the number of days in your calendar. Just spend time with your thoughts and relax, you’ll love again. Because the human being is unimaginable, unbreakable.