Month: November 2015

My body is nobody’s business

Sexuality is a part of every human being. Doesn’t matter age, sex or race. We all have a private side that includes desire, joy, lust and other wonderful things. For many reasons (that are part of past history) the female body has been part of different types of approaches and many people seem to have an opinion about it. Society implies an ideal body type, like a “one size fits all” (which is b******* btw) and there’s always this stressful pressure to look a certain way or to feel a certain way just because it’s “the right thing to do”. There’s a LOT of misconception about what a woman is. But thankfully these past few years have been revolutionary in a way that we’re starting a conversation about women’s rights and we’re raising our voices to end rape culture, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment. If in the past, we had the women’s suffrage, then the feminist movement, 2015 was a turning point. We’ve started changing the minds of our leaders, men and women, to …

Munich, the one

In my passport I try to have more than just stamps. It’s important to do something more than just contemplation. It was with this perspective that I’ve started living abroad. Also the conditions in my home country back in the day (which are still accurate) give you all the support to go outside. Munich is “the one” because it was the first place I’ve lived abroad. My relationship with the city was like a first boyfriend: You know from the start that isn’t meant to last forever, but it’s something that changes you in some way. The city environment is silent, clean and logical. It has beautiful nature combined with pleasant architecture. To be honest, it looks very close to the word “perfection”. The quality of life is very high and it has a wonderful community of immigrants. I was lucky enough to meet great friends there and so, there’s always a good reason to be back. Being lonely is a powerful exercise that you should do once in a while, but never isolate yourself …

The purpose of being an artist: a manifesto

We are the unmistakable starving bunch that does not settle for the easiest option. A refugee of its own labor. No money, no “going steady”, no comfort zone. No patience. We don’t do the expected. We don’t do it for fame. We rely on mercilessly discipline to create a method that works on duty. It’s not just about creating something, it’s about connection. It’s what we feel and channel through our perspective to the outside world. We’re able to change passion for glory when the right moment arrives. The power of hard work comes through beating out obstacles. To face our fears and challenge ourselves. To shake our soul. Focus keeps you aware of what you’re made of. We do it for the love of creativity, For the passion of self-expression, To free our voice.