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Munich, the one

In my passport I try to have more than just stamps. It’s important to do something more than just contemplation. It was with this perspective that I’ve started living abroad. Also the conditions in my home country back in the day (which are still accurate) give you all the support to go outside. Munich is “the one” because it was the first place I’ve lived abroad. My relationship with the city was like a first boyfriend: You know from the start that isn’t meant to last forever, but it’s something that changes you in some way.

The city environment is silent, clean and logical. It has beautiful nature combined with pleasant architecture. To be honest, it looks very close to the word “perfection”. The quality of life is very high and it has a wonderful community of immigrants. I was lucky enough to meet great friends there and so, there’s always a good reason to be back. Being lonely is a powerful exercise that you should do once in a while, but never isolate yourself from opportunities. Sharing is an important action that impacts real life more than anything else. Connecting is the subsequent result of a simple interaction.

Also, one of the most important things I do when exploring a new place is that I walk. A LOT. That’s the only way of making a map puzzle in your own head and thanks to that habit I never get lost and almost every week get surprised when connecting two places in the same geographical space. I love doing brainy puzzles.

I believe you can find the true citizens in a native environment by their local markets (or beer gardens if you prefer). There you can find a mixture of handcrafted pieces, delicious local food, flowers and other beautiful things that you can only see in public markets.

I could write more about my living experience in Munich and give more charming compliments about the city, but honestly, I advise you (reader), to go there and find out why Bavarians absolutely love Munich. Their descriptions are so much better than mine and they also can suggest some very nice spots around the city.

Bis später!