Month: December 2015


There is an absolute certainty: I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my friends. Best friends, regular friends, colorful friends, just pure empathy with someone you can trust. It doesn’t matter the time or space between occasions, it doesn’t matter the purpose of our conversation, it really doesn’t bother anyone with anything. It’s one of the most joyful and freeing experiences in life. It can be ridiculous how consuming and smiling real love can be. Especially today, on the 25th birthday of one of my true friends. I feel blessed to be surrounded by the best people I know. I feel loved every day by every single one of them in their own way. There is no deal or trade that could negotiate this kind of relationship. Love is love. group photo

In memory of analogue photography

From a very young age, I always had a disposable camera on my sight. Photography spoke louder than video recording. My parents taught me how to press the exact buttons to take the perfect photo and also not to open the “magic place” where the roll of film is installed. I admit: damaging family photos in the 90’s was pretty easy. Later on with the big bang of the digital era, I’ve purchased disposable cameras to use on special occasions such as new years eve, summer holidays, weddings, birthday parties. I love the whole development process and to keep the photos in a frame or photo album. It has a weight and value that it’s indescribable. It’s a good way to make memories and to keep them physically. Besides the disposable ones, I like playing with new things so over the years I’ve tried different types of Lomography, Polaroids and old gadgets that produce unexpected results. Photography still fascinates me by its simplicity on showing the point of view of an individual. Here are some …


There are some moments in our lives where we wished that things worked out by themselves. It can be worse than solving a Rubik’s cube. You’re trying to make the best of a situation, but there’s always this pressure in succeeding in everything you do: work, family, relationships, problems, quests. Being under pressure all the time builds up to anxiety, stress and depression. After those symptoms started their own “hate party” then bad superstition kicks in and a big black cloud appears over your karma. We’ve all been stuck before. We call it “bad luck” sometimes. An eternal emptiness. Useless. Disrespected. Corrupted. Reckless. Broke. You lose your confidence, no one seems to understand you accept a prescription or some sort of diagnosis. What puzzles me is that it really doesn’t matter what you accomplish, everyone is the same when it comes to accepting some dark hard days. Once a troublemaking phase is far gone, your brain crashes and immediately starts looking for answers, solutions, hope. There’s always a way to stop being negative. Measure your …