I believe Neale Donald Walsch wrote one the most universal lifestyle mantras: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”. So, what makes someone decide to live somewhere else? To speak a different language every day? To adjust to a new environment? Besides the usual reasons (which you can hear on the news every day), why we live outside of our home country?

To challenge ourselves, to meet new people, to try new things, to get a new perspective, to know what we want, to face our fears, to shake our curiosity, to not settle, to find new opportunities, to figure things out.

We’re not criminals, we’re not here to take jobs. We’re not defined by political standards, social stereotypes or forms of violence. Don’t think we are stupid just because our home country is small in size or population number. We have an education most of the times. I recommend to try to live somewhere else. At least once in your life so you can test yourself and learn from your reactions and mistakes. It’s a great growing up experience. Every immigrant has its own story. We’re not a minority. On the contrary. If you look around you’ll see that everyone has been someone else before…