The Backstage

My favorite place to focus is the backstage. There you can marvel yourself with the most incredible things: costumes, wigs, make-up, scenario, blankets, all sorts of objects and boxes just hangin’ out. They’re usually a part of your production or someone else’s. Those pieces all piled up look like a classy installation of some 70’s artists. Also, what I love about being backstage is: usually it’s the calmest place to rehearse and to experiment. The soundproofing environment or wood shrieks of an old stage can really make you focus on what’s important at that particular moment when you dedicate yourself creating a performance. During rehearsals or even as requested by some friends I take photographs. Usually is to share on social media, other times is just keep them (I feel nowadays we share a lot of things but we don’t keep the important stuff anymore). So here’s a couple of shots I took during theatre plays and other backstage environments: