I got some “heavy breathing writing” about this topic. I believe words are powerful and our relationships are suffering from a lack of meaning. Important matters are losing value every day in our interactions, wrecking our brains, makes us question heartbreak: “What about us?”, “Was I not good enough?”. We avoid emotion to stop the belief that we in fact are vulnerable and mostly, to admit that a certain someone makes our perception dizzy. We try to keep it natural and relaxed as much as possible, but there’s a weigh that grows inside your chest once you’ve taken a couple of shots at it. Heart pounding. No time for commitment is complicated, especially when living out of a suitcase. You wish you had the time to bother the other person with a proper conversation before leaving. No games. No rules. No doubts. It can be scary to be reduced to someone else. We’ve all been there before and we have that someone in common. Someone who couldn’t make it. Someone who wanted someone else. Someone who doesn’t care about you anymore. It’s ok. I’m with you on this one. We have the right to be protected, we stand tall and proud admitting that deep down our insecurities exist and we still need troops of comfort to make us stop blaming ourselves for something or someone out of our control. Overall the world is too bright to overshadow those who turn love into a bad habit. My advice is: keep it real. Keep it personal. Love yourself first.