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I have an obsession with airports. I’ve always had. It has always been a portal to new experiences. A ritual of patience with the security system and most of all a place where you can meet all kinds of strangers that come and go. As you do. It’s a very “Lost in Translation” feeling. I love it. In fact, I like it so much that the first time I watched “Love Actually” I complain about how the introduction of the film was “actually” my idea. I’ve always wanted to film people in airports, but then, Richard Curtis had the idea first and wrote/directed a beautiful romantic comedy. Oh well…

Anyway, I must refer that I approach planes in a different way. I know they’re designed to fly and even though I’m not nervous when it comes to long hours up in the air, there’s a part of me who’s always scared as I do a #throwbackthursday moment in my own head. That way when I don’t have a book or my laptop, I can always reflect on something positive about my journey on earth. Call me selfish, but that strategy calms me down when we have turbulence on board. Just sayin’. I’ve taken these on many different occasions during flights, exchanging planes or even spending the night at the airport.