Month: April 2016

Busy anxiety

Many people think that working in the creative business requires a “normal” set of skills. Truth being told we have crazy schedules and we even have different jobs to keep up with our levels of satisfaction. Some people call us “workaholics”. I prefer to define our generation as bosses. Like Sophia Amoruso has told us (and many other important personalities in the world of business): nothings happens without effort. Back in the day things were different, but that’s not an excuse to affirm firmly that nowadays you don’t have opportunities. We must underline, good conducts: be your own example, be who do you want to be. Work for it. Plan it. Organize it. But before you throw yourself profusely into anything, make sure to have space on your agenda to get out of your vicious circle. Stop and think of what you’ve done to contribute to your end game. Little by little. Build your career. Remember: it begins within you.

The Photography of Rafał Krzysztoń

Most of my friends are artists. Even if they’re day jobs elude others, they find the time and space to practice their craft. Rafal is one of those individuals who just can’t take a bad photo. It might be the Polish artistic syndrome or the fact he has more analog cameras than his grandmother. Rafal is super perceptive and his overall perspective over the subject. I was surprised to know his photography so late into my abroad adventures. He’s one of those people I’ll be collaborating all again and again. Besides the images below, you can visit more of his work here. Save Save

Working with Innoactive

As some of you have noticed (through twitter or other social media platform), I’ve been working with a new team for quite some time now. Innoactive is a company that provides Web and App solutions, but also Virtual Reality Experiences. When it comes to technology coming forward to change the way we interact with products, Innoactive is a pioneer in the market. My experience developing tools to promote the company and their products has been amazing. I’ve never worked with such a professional group of people. The work environment couldn’t be better. I feel lucky to have a space where I can create new things and put on paper new ideas. Innoactive is all about innovating in real-time. Now. Check their website here.