Month: May 2016

The Erasmus House

2 years ago, I came across with the ultimate Erasmus house. It looks like a perfect 70’s movie set. Raw, simple and yet, completely arbitrary. I would describe this environment as youthful and transversal. Everything falls into place. On and on. It’s about living life to the fullest. Rebels, artists, students, scientists, professors. All together. Always a pleasure to come back to unique places like this. Effortless. Save


The word “different” is a good thing. Differences bring us together. We meet different people. We eat different food. We go to different places. There’s no rational/restrict pattern of being human. Being human is to be different. An individual. In each person, there’s a story. That’s what makes the world, wonderful. Alive. Never judge. Respect. Accept.


Salzburg was my first trip to Austria. I didn’t know what to expect. Besides the movie references and an archetype of the Austrian architecture combined with its musical nature, I had no clue what I was about to experience. Everything about Austrian culture screams music, especially opera. Mozart was born in Salzburg so there’s a lot of references in town about one the most famous composers of all time. The city feels like a village, the surroundings of the mountains and the winding paths of the streets remind you Salzburg has existed for a long time. If you check the building years you’ll be amazed for how long Salzburg has grown since. I had the feeling this would be the place to relax, read, appreciate the nature around you, but most of all the Eco of the street music happening in every corner of this charming city. The river reflects the inspiration of such a romantic environment that inhales baroque features in every corner combined with the brand new contemporary buildings. Salzburg is as sweet …