Month: June 2016


The world is always a possibility. With that in mind, it is indeed the place where you can free yourself and experiment new situations. I always recommend to travel alone a couple of times a year. The destination is up to you. I promise you will discover your inner dialogue. Without interruptions. Enjoy.

Golden Moods – a beauty blog by Sofia

Sofia has been a long time best friend who recently turned out to be a beauty blogger. She’s just starting out, but she already got her conceptual beauty design on point. I didn’t shoot the videos or took the photos, I just thought to give her a shout out for her amazing work. The blog and the videos are available in English (turn on those captions!). This video is one of many examples of what Sofia can do with make-up and other beauty products. Make sure to visit the website here.


People say “good things come to those who wait”. Well, for me, those days are over. For many sleepless nights I’ve dreamed about unforgettable experiences, joyful laughter, the liberation of random moments that make a difference on a daily basis. In this present moment, there’s nothing I would change. Nobody knows where we’re going. We can only know that being here and now it’s something be cherished. See you there.