How to let it go

I wish I knew how to organize some ideas. Sometimes your brain is just full of excessive adrenaline. I try to make this website about my work, but also I cannot ignore my opinions or other types of creative material I produce. By the title of this post you expect me to describe an incredible personal moment, but instead of that I prefer to stick with the experience of being through that. I guess I never understood the concept of love as a disease. Until I couldn’t get over a situation, a metaphor, a presence. It took some time to admit it and to deconstruct what was wrong in my platonic world of possibilities. Since then, I feel that pieces of advice from the right people are the best medicine. It’s never who you want, it’s who you need. Don’t ever deny yourself from that support. Look for it. Do what you must do to move on. I believe that’s all I have to say on this 101 matter. Thank you for reading this post and also for following my work.