Month: September 2016


My first impressions of the city were how could the largest city of Switzerland have the feeling of a beautiful village. It might not look like a city at first, but Zurich has a cosmopolitan life of itself that proofs otherwise. The city has a mixture between French and German architecture which shapes a beautiful pattern of Zurich’s urban landscapes. The city can offer unique cafes, underground pubs and different types of entertainment. You can get lost on narrow streets, but also find amazing enlarged spaces. I hope to be back to discover more of the city and the people. Zurich can offer more than meets the eye. Save

Jobs and getting “there”

Jobs come in different forms and schedules. But every single one of them has a time frame in your life. The reward for your service is apparently converted into monetary appealing. After this process, you, the hard worker is the responsible for managing the money that you’ve earned. Being a creative human outside of the Hollywood industry, gives you a better sense of how to organize something with so little. You see, the trick is not to get sucked into buying things you don’t need. You also shouldn’t consume every entertainment product. It’s a waste of time. Be picky. Choose the information, entertainment and the art you want to get inspired by. Finally, be persistent. Organize yourself so wonderful things can happen (because you’ve worked hard for them) and then, you’ll grow out of it.

What nobody told me in school

The info on this post depends on your community background and also on where you studied. Back in the day in the early 2000’s I was just a kid starting to transition into a teenager. My conceptions about the world were very simplistic and in school, I was the average weirdo girl. My confidence was less than 0 but before you judge: yes, I was one of the bullied kids. No, I did not know what “bullying” meant at that time. No, I didn’t live my life depending on haters. Never. And that experience is still the perfect antidote to stay away from people with bad behavior. At this time, in school we got twice or (maybe) once a year a lecture about sexuality. It was a reminder for teenagers to use protection, have safe sex, that condoms prevent STD’s and other types of unpleasant things. The problem with these lectures was, in that time, the adults didn’t address other types of sex and how genders can be fluid. They didn’t explain gay sex or …