Month: October 2016

Office Moving

Following the updates of working at Innoactive: Yes, we moved to a wonderful new office. Besides packing and carrying boxes, had some time to film this video.

Life lessons (or some of them)

Humans are complex creatures. There are many things you’ll keep improving all your life. Because the act of living is a constant act of learning. My family told me this last sentence all over again until it got into my head. As I grew up I understood more the depth of that truth. So I wrote an example list of work in progress statements (and some of them are lessons that were earned meanwhile): – Emotion is not a weakness. – Being polite is never enough to express a feeling. – Anxiety comes and goes like the weather. – People will always have opinions (either you like it or not). – Some people you’ve met in private will ignore you afterwards. – Food is love. – You can meet amazing people in unexpected places at unexpected times. – Some relationships will not matter. – Things will always get complicated unless you find the resources to stay within your truth. – Some people will care for you, but never love you for who you are. – …