Month: November 2016

Tall Issues

A while ago I had the opportunity to try stand-up comedy. This video was my first performance doing a first original set. I don’t know exactly what happened that night, but I’ve got a rush since then. So I will keep doing it. Hope you enjoy the clip below. For more info about Comedy Club Munich click here.

what happens after the world “ends”

After an exhausting night, the shock, grief and sadness proclaimed itself around the world like we were all citizens of the United States of America. Me and many others were sleep deprived trying to understand what was going on. The 2016 election season will be remembered as one of the most stressful political events of the last couple of years. From equal rights, to the language of hate, those are the two sides of the same coin in America. We are living in unstable and emotional days. We don’t know what’s going to happen but what we can do is to continue to defend our rights as citizens of the world. There’s no politician that can take away our values, rights and identity because in the end, people will protect what’s most important. Life will go on and so do we.

Timeless Vienna

Imperial. Magnificent. The city of music, also as known as Vienna. The capital of Austria shows its history through palaces, museums and iconic buildings like no one else. The Royal sights are everywhere and this can be the European dream for many outsiders who come to explore the city. The charm of Vienna lies in the romanticism of fairy tales with its beautiful statues, breathtaking palaces and Gothic architecture. Since I was doing couchsurfing with one of my best friends, also had the opportunity to visit incredible nightlife spots and some pretty amazing local places. Vienna breathes culture. Specially Opera, Music and Theatre. If you have time go and experience this at first hand. Don’t hesitate. Overall, Vienna was preserved to be a symbol of purity, just like a pearl: unique and effortlessly classic. Save