Photographer, Writer

Mystique Prague

My first time exploring Eastern Europe was in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic: Prague.

“The City of a Hundred Spires” lives up to its hype. Only now I understand why so many people are fascinated with such an historical place.

Within its Gothic architecture and peculiar sights, Prague can be considered the dreamy European city fairy tale.

Even I, born and raised in Europe wasn’t expecting to be so taken with this city. The medieval historical presence can be felt in every corner and also, obviously the presence of Communist influence.

Between all the unique things you can see and visit, there’s also time to meet the people (in my case I did couchsurfing) and to try to understand the Czech language itself. It’s a challenge for every foreigner and I had a lot of fun trying to pronounce some basic words.

I was blown away by how mysterious, urbanistic and fascinating Prague can be. Absolutely delightful. I would go back again for sure, but this time with friends to discover new magical places.