The Cinema is (always) changing

The art of storytelling can be reached through the medium of a movie, a short-film or even a simple video. Although not all content out there is worthwhile our time. We tend to forget that movies can influence not only the people, but the cultural identity of a nation. As a creative person I noticed over the years the more I studied about films and worked within independent productions, I learned that the goals of a movie can be very different according to its target market. That being said, we, the audience, shouldn’t be naive to what filmmaking really is in the modern world: it’s a business format. The innocent proof of this statement can be found only today: thanks to the internet we can choose what to watch and where. But still most blockbuster movies are made by major studios in America, but things are (always) changing (according to where the production value is). I decided to share with you two explanatory videos on how commercial movies are changing and also an example of how ceremony awards work:

None the less I recommend two platforms to explore new creative storytelling:

Kickstarter: here you can support a project and follow its development.

Vimeo: Explore through the categories of Vimeo to find incredible videos and short-films.