For all of us

Today we are here. Standing. All together. Many voices with only one message in common: equal rights.

A phenomenon is taking the streets reacts to a normal/pertinent question: “Who do you think I am?!”. It’s not just about exploitation, it’s also about the complex challenges people face every day. Such as: sexism, body shaming, slut shaming, no paid maternity leave, violence, emotional abuse, no freedom of speech, no freedom of choice. The gender gap is still a reality when it comes to finance, investments, social life and even screen time in the entertainment business.

Besides this we are in a period of evolution where more genders and norms are finally being shown to the world and thanks to that we are able to live in a diversified society. We will not preach fear against the unknown. All over the world, people are showing their true colors and there’s nothing that can stop them.

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Right now it is the time to march for equal rights to equal forces: because all genders deserve the same civil rights.

Let’s continue.