(How to) deal with anxiety

There are some studies who show that most funny people have a high level of emotional intelligence. I don’t categorize myself as being funny all the time, but it has been reminded to me that I make people laugh even when it’s not my intention to. I never understood exactly what this meant until some years later. I got to know my dark/sad/twisted/angry/negative side pretty well. I decided to get comfortable with it because it’s a part of everyone’s personality and it’s important to make the discomfort a productive time in your everyday life. Having high emotional intelligence doesn’t mean the generalization that you cry all the time. Also, it doesn’t mean that you’re a drama queen. It means something more than understanding complex emotional situations. You see, we all have a voice, but sometimes we cannot really hear it inside ourselves. There are so many reasons why this voice is numb or even confused; and it can take some time to release it. People diminish anxiety by default because sometimes they think it’s easy to overcome a mind block situation or a very difficult cringing moment with a nap. Doesn’t matter what the personal situation is, there can be a pain in the chest or a sudden aware that breathing has become heavier than usual. If you’re suffering in any way I want you to know you’re not alone. There are people who can help you out. Online and offline. Never be afraid of expressing yourself in any way possible. Reach for help because it’s worth it. Promise.