Month: March 2017

The way I travel

I get questions about my traveling habits more frequently that I would like to. So I’ve decided to write this post to clarify things (and then to send it to people who ask a lot of questions). First of all: there are beautiful mornings waiting for you in every corner of every place you visit. That being said, there is also amazing people you can meet. It was in this spirit that I got involved with the Couchsurfing community back in 2011. Since then every time I travel with friends, we always choose couchsurfing first before anything else. We love meeting random people and also discover new places through their knowledge of the city. It’s a unique experience and completely changes how you travel. But what happens if there’s no host available or all hostels are expensive?! You can always check Airbnb. Read the reviews beforehand and then book any type of room that you would like. Enjoy a pleasant stay in a local home for a more accessible price. Worth it. That’s basically how …

The Secret Life of Muslims

I love online content that can break barriers between people. “The Secret Life of Muslims” is a documentary web-series directed by Joshua Seftel that shows American Muslims being real about their lives, accomplishments, expectations and values. It shows people being people. It shows that we, together as a society don’t know everything about each other; but that’s ok as long as we are open to listen to others and to get to know their story. Because what the media shows it’s never 100% true. Besides the video below you can check more episodes here.

The Photography of Alex Brandt

I’ve met Alex due to a coincidence of events. He’s always there documenting concerts, stand up comedy shows, theatre plays and other sort of entertainment/social gathering. He’s super versatile, practical and most importantly, he makes the subject of his photos feel as natural as possible in front of the camera. It’s something I cannot explain, but I leave below some examples of his work. He’s also a great brainstormer to discuss ideas with. I truly recommend to check his portfolio: Save

Immigration symptoms and its antidotes

We all start somewhere. Even after you’re born and you grow older, we all have new beginnings. When it comes to living somewhere new, I learned how to detect certain diseases/feelings/symptoms that were new to me at the time. So here’s some of them: The issue: Isolation The cure: Feeling 100% isolated can be really stressful. Especially if you don’t speak the language or you don’t feel identified with the culture. The first step to combat isolation is to go out. Explore for yourself, enjoy walking and the moments you create along the way. After you discover some places you like, I recommend trying an app called Meetup. Over there you can find different groups with common interests. Join the ones you like. It’s free. Meet people, hear their stories and also, share your struggles. Fighting isolation is not as difficult as it seems to be but I confess it can be a constant struggle (especially when people you meet are also moving somewhere else and so on). I can also recommend the couchsurfing platform. …