A scary question

This is not a judgmental point of view about a very sensitive subject. This is a reaction based on current events.

I decided I wanted to share with you a piece of my craziness. Because there are crazy things happening and sometimes my brain doesn’t know how to process them. When Trump was elected, I was stunned as most people were. I was also appalled that Trump was not the first man to be accused of severe crimes such as sexual assault and still roam free without facing any justice or criminal system.

But most of all, we were scared because he won’t be the last man who doesn’t face the consequences. But things are changing thanks to civil rights protests and the voices of the people who are shouting louder and louder reminding bigotry that we are all human. On the streets, online, on the media. We don’t tolerate hate anymore. So with all of this in mind, I had mass confusion in my mind: “why did he win?!”, “what is going to happen?”, “are we safe?”, “how can we stop him from taking away our rights?”.

Well, in the light of such events, here’s what I imagined: I thought that Trump had to travel to Europe for some political reason. During this trip he would also go to Germany and obviously he would meet Angela Merkel. So, this is my question: “What it would happen if Donald Trump “grabbed something” of Merkel?”

Yes. I’m asking what it would happen if Trump made an inappropriate move on one of the most powerful women on Earth. What it would happen?!

I’ve shared this problematic with many people and we always come to the conclusion that it’s terrifying to acknowledge that women have no sufficient protection against aggressors, predators or anyone who uses power to corrupt. I don’t know the answer to this question, but I hope it can provoke something in your mind and make you want to read more about equal rights issues and also to help one another. We need to find solutions so we can solve complex questions like this one.

Thank you for reading this essay.