If there’s one iconic European city that combines history and art it is for sure the wonderful capital of Italy: Rome.


On my first day exploring the city, my expectations were already above the clouds. The contrast between the trees with the maroon, red, brown of the buildings. Full of rich Roman history and winding streets that can lead you to most unexpected places.


Personally, it’s not a surprise that I’m a fan of Italian culture and of course, that implies the food. Every dish in Rome can be a dream come true if you just look carefully where you’re at in the city. Besides following advice from locals I also used the CityMaps2Go app. Truly recommended to find the best ice-cream.


The monuments speak for themselves, especially if you studied them during high school.


Last but not least, the nightlife is really something to be experienced in Rome. The urban lifestyle of the city is so much more than meets the eye.


Now, to finish this post, with no more words or adjectives, I want to underline that Rome is a city to be experienced. Day and night. Non-stop.