Author: Joana

Silence is not an option

I wish I had another reason to write about this. I wish I had a positive outcome, a revolutionary one, a permanent solution to the abuse of power. But unfortunately, not only we, but generations before us, have persistently watched the exploitation of the rights of the black community. Racism is a crime that we’ve witnessed over and over live from the 24/7 news to walking down the street in our own communities. It’s disturbing to even comprehend how we (society) normalized this problem over so many generations. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ava DuVernay (@ava) on May 31, 2020 at 11:19am PDT What’s happening right now is more than a wake-up call. It’s a necessary act for change. We must amplify the voices and the issues of the black community. We are accountable to the people that we help, and we want to keep improving our awareness and our education. To help the one’s in need I’ll leave here some useful information that I’ve used in the last couple of …

Where I’ve been

Between travelling and working, I’m still here. Thriving, trying to make something happen for my future. Being the creative business can be overwhelming. Sharing my work online can be quite challenging… promoting myself always felt a bit weird to me. Because I don’t own a specific skill, I work with what I’ve got: it can be in acting, writing, comedy, the list can go on and still these titles only limit a job description that doesn’t exist in the traditional market. I’m happy with my path so far and I will continue to create opportunities for myself. Hope you do too. Cheers


Directed by Niccolò A. Gossi. A montage exercise for NYFA. Thank you Nicola, Niccolò, Erin, Gigi, Darien and Patrick.