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Cinema can be everything and nothing. Its complexity is admirable in every way. As an observer, employer and performer of this art, I should make note that it takes a lot of patience and modesty to prevail in this illusion. It makes us dream loudly, presents to us a whole new world and makes us work harder every day to show our idea, making us run up to the next objective. Cinema is immortal, respectful and very laborious.

On the other side, the video format has been more present in my life since the early days. It’s still a form of experimenting not only a camera, but also the light and the general mood of what you’re shooting. It’s a possibility to create documentaries, personal videos, music videos and other creative moving formats. Overall, it’s a constant challenge.

2018: 1 sec daily

Exactly one year ago I started recording a one second video almost every single day. This is the final result. 2019 will bring new challenges and more opportunities than ever. Let’s continue this journey. Happy new year everyone!

The Tall Society

This year I’ve discovered a wonderful online community that supports tall women and girls. Created by Bree, this online platform shares the love of unique women who are more than just size. On The Tall Society you can find not only fashion but also inspiration, events and amazing articles that promote self-acceptance. For me, being a tall woman, it’s very exciting to be part of such a project that unites women. Because in the end, we are exactly what we should be. No more, no less. Feel free to follow The Tall Society at:   Save

A 360 Video Experience

Due to privacy reasons I couldn’t compel a 360 Video showreel but still, I figured out I could walk through Munich and show you some of my favorite parts of the city center. Enjoy this experience by looking around in this video. P.S. – I will get a new monopod to correct the extra “bumpiness” of future videos. Also, never mind the useless subtitles.

Office Moving

Following the updates of working at Innoactive: Yes, we moved to a wonderful new office. Besides packing and carrying boxes, had some time to film this video.

The VR suitcase

The concept was somewhat simple. The challenge was to make it possible. A suitcase that could carry all your virtual reality experiences without a power source and also, that you could carry on an airplane. These videos were made to inform you about the product and also to inspire you to take VR everywhere. For more information please visit or contact via e-mail to: