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Cinema can be everything and nothing. Its complexity is admirable in every way. As an observer, employer and performer of this art, I should make note that it takes a lot of patience and modesty to prevail in this illusion. It makes us dream loudly, presents to us a whole new world and makes us work harder every day to show our idea, making us run up to the next objective. Cinema is immortal, respectful and very laborious.

On the other side, the video format has been more present in my life since the early days. It’s still a form of experimenting not only a camera, but also the light and the general mood of what you’re shooting. It’s a possibility to create documentaries, personal videos, music videos and other creative moving formats. Overall, it’s a constant challenge.

Working with Innoactive

As some of you have noticed (through twitter or other social media platform), I’ve been working with a new team for quite some time now. Innoactive is a company that provides Web and App solutions, but also Virtual Reality Experiences. When it comes to technology coming forward to change the way we interact with products, Innoactive is a pioneer in the market. My experience developing tools to promote the company and their products has been amazing. I’ve never worked with such a professional group of people. The work environment couldn’t be better. I feel lucky to have a space where I can create new things and put on paper new ideas. Innoactive is all about innovating in real-time. Now. Check their website here.

Love’s Physics

Director | Writer:  Joana Mendes Cinematography: Leandro Ferrão Cast: Tomás Nolasco and Vânia Naia Produced by Krypton Films, Mafalda Castelo-Branco and Joana Mendes

Meo Out Jazz

Filming interviews all day can be a bit tiring. When you’re at a festival you can take it all on filming the audience energy and the good vibe from the artists. Meo Out Jazz is one of the major events in Lisbon. From May to September. Can’t wait next year edition: sunny happiness versus good music. – Last Summer Edition Line up: Vahagn & the Sky People + Stereossauro | DJ Ride | Rui Murka Red Bull Silent Garden Save