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The look of each individual is important to create an opinion, share perspectives and above all, to assign a personal view to a certain element. Photography is more than just a camera and portable objects that allow to capture beautiful pictures. These are moments of anyone’s life, fragments of work, it’s about what you want to show in a moment frozen in time. Knowing our team and learn to interpret it, not only through the eyes, as your own sensitivity to capture an expression, an appealing reason to our visual knowledge. Having ambiguity to experience and explore what we observe.

Mystique Prague

My first time exploring Eastern Europe was in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic: Prague. “The City of a Hundred Spires” lives up to its hype. Only now I understand why so many people are fascinated with such an historical place. Within its Gothic architecture and peculiar sights, Prague can be considered the dreamy European city fairy tale. Even I, born and raised in Europe wasn’t expecting to be so taken with this city. The medieval historical presence can be felt in every corner and also, obviously the presence of Communist influence. Between all the unique things you can see and visit, there’s also time to meet the people (in my case I did couchsurfing) and to try to understand the Czech language itself. It’s a challenge for every foreigner and I had a lot of fun trying to pronounce some basic words. I was blown away by how mysterious, urbanistic and fascinating Prague can be. Absolutely delightful. I would go back again for sure, but this time with friends to discover new magical …

Timeless Vienna

Imperial. Magnificent. The city of music, also as known as Vienna. The capital of Austria shows its history through palaces, museums and iconic buildings like no one else. The Royal sights are everywhere and this can be the European dream for many outsiders who come to explore the city. The charm of Vienna lies in the romanticism of fairy tales with its beautiful statues, breathtaking palaces and Gothic architecture. Since I was doing couchsurfing with one of my best friends, also had the opportunity to visit incredible nightlife spots and some pretty amazing local places. Vienna breathes culture. Specially Opera, Music and Theatre. If you have time go and experience this at first hand. Don’t hesitate. Overall, Vienna was preserved to be a symbol of purity, just like a pearl: unique and effortlessly classic. Save


My first impressions of the city were how could the largest city of Switzerland have the feeling of a beautiful village. It might not look like a city at first, but Zurich has a cosmopolitan life of itself that proofs otherwise. The city has a mixture between French and German architecture which shapes a beautiful pattern of Zurich’s urban landscapes. The city can offer unique cafes, underground pubs and different types of entertainment. You can get lost on narrow streets, but also find amazing enlarged spaces. I hope to be back to discover more of the city and the people. Zurich can offer more than meets the eye. Save

Bologna, a new lover

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to discover a new part of Italy. Through friends, I’ve visited Milano, Padova and some other northern Italian places. But Bologna was still unknown to me until 2 months ago. My first time in this city was based on walking everywhere and eating delicious food on the go. Bologna doesn’t disappoint. At all. A mixture between old 70’s urban European style meets Italian Shakespearean vibes. At least to me this was my first impression of this beautiful city. Another proof that it’s impossible not to have a crush on Italy. The people, the food, the language, the history. I will come back to Bologna for sure, not only to visit friends, but to get to know the city more in depth. arrivederci alla prossima volta! Save

Coro Teatro Verdi di Padova

If I have the opportunity to photograph something that I’m passionate about, I absolutely take that chance without looking back. Coro Teatro Verdi di Padova is a chorus that has existed for almost fifty years. Their repertoire not only includes opera, but also classical and other lyrical pieces. I got to know them through one of my best friends who’s in the chorus for some time now. Their concerts are very good (if you like to be transported to another place through music). To know more about their tour dates and other info, click here. More photos and videos available on their website and social media.