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Jobs and getting “there”

Jobs come in different forms and schedules. But every single one of them has a time frame in your life. The reward for your service is apparently converted into monetary appealing. After this process, you, the hard worker is the responsible for managing the money that you’ve earned. Being a creative human outside of the Hollywood industry, gives you a better sense of how to organize something with so little. You see, the trick is not to get sucked into buying things you don’t need. You also shouldn’t consume every entertainment product. It’s a waste of time. Be picky. Choose the information, entertainment and the art you want to get inspired by. Finally, be persistent. Organize yourself so wonderful things can happen (because you’ve worked hard for them) and then, you’ll grow out of it.

The Backstage

My favorite place to focus is the backstage. There you can marvel yourself with the most incredible things: costumes, wigs, make-up, scenario, blankets, all sorts of objects and boxes just hangin’ out. They’re usually a part of your production or someone else’s. Those pieces all piled up look like a classy installation of some 70’s artists. Also, what I love about being backstage is: usually it’s the calmest place to rehearse and to experiment. The soundproofing environment or wood shrieks of an old stage can really make you focus on what’s important at that particular moment when you dedicate yourself creating a performance. During rehearsals or even as requested by some friends I take photographs. Usually is to share on social media, other times is just keep them (I feel nowadays we share a lot of things but we don’t keep the important stuff anymore). So here’s a couple of shots I took during theatre plays and other backstage environments:

Where you can find me

I started my first blog when I was 15 years old. It was 2006 and I’ve decided to create “take 4” on the Blogger platform. At the time it seemed the more personalized option and to be honest, I had some cool layouts for my blog since then. On “take 4” I write in Portuguese about movies that I watch over the past few months (you can also choose to visualize it in english or any other language thanks to the google translator app). I also write about TV series and other content that seems interesting to me as a member of the audience. I post at least once a week. I try not to be too judgmental about what I watch or to spoil the whole experience to the reader. Five years later, the internet had a vocabulary of its own and with that big bang, Tumblr was a brand new blogging platform. It got my attention for the super cool designer layouts and the huge amount of images you can find randomly. Any …

The video portrait

my journey for the past few months has been in Germany finishing my education and working as well. This Erasmus experience has been amazing! Right now I’m finishing my graduation to get on board in a new adventure in early January. Chris Klupfel shots different video portrays: I was lucky to be part of one of them: raw, simple and nervous.

UNITEL – Making Of

In one of my internships I filmed and edited lots of “Making Of” videos (mostly from commercials). At this point you’ll never know what you’re going to find on set/location. Save