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The Secret Life of Muslims

I love online content that can break barriers between people. “The Secret Life of Muslims” is a documentary web-series directed by Joshua Seftel that shows American Muslims being real about their lives, accomplishments, expectations and values. It shows people being people. It shows that we, together as a society don’t know everything about each other; but that’s ok as long as we are open to listen to others and to get to know their story. Because what the media shows it’s never 100% true. Besides the video below you can check more episodes here.

“Before the Flood”, a documentary warning

Spoiler: this is not a movie review. This is an urgent message to stop questioning if global warming is a problem or not. This is real. It’s happening. It’s our main issue. It’s the reason why we don’t know our future. It’s a main concern. It’s not a lie. That’s why it’s essential to watch this documentary. To be aware of the damage, to know the tipping point of our earth balance and also all the possible solutions that we must share with our community and let that influence reach politicians, ambassadors and the responsible’s who decide how we consume energy and goods. There has never been a bigger problem in our lives. To know more about how you can get involved please visit: Save Save

Ballad of Sexual Active Queer

one of the things that I like to film is other people’s stories and help them tell their story through images. This project was a mixture between old footage and some new stuff I shot. – A film by Colin Ginks Camera | Cinematography by Joana Mendes

O Projecionista

I’m very proud to have met this special person: the projectionist. Basically this man has projected the movies that I saw for eighteen years. Unfortunately they closed the local movie theater because of the emerge of multiplexes… this is a peek into the life of the unknown storyteller.