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Coro Teatro Verdi di Padova

If I have the opportunity to photograph something that I’m passionate about, I absolutely take that chance without looking back. Coro Teatro Verdi di Padova is a chorus that has existed for almost fifty years. Their repertoire not only includes opera, but also classical and other lyrical pieces. I got to know them through one of my best friends who’s in the chorus for some time now. Their concerts are very good (if you like to be transported to another place through music). To know more about their tour dates and other info, click here. More photos and videos available on their website and social media.

Working with Innoactive

As some of you have noticed (through twitter or other social media platform), I’ve been working with a new team for quite some time now. Innoactive is a company that provides Web and App solutions, but also Virtual Reality Experiences. When it comes to technology coming forward to change the way we interact with products, Innoactive is a pioneer in the market. My experience developing tools to promote the company and their products has been amazing. I’ve never worked with such a professional group of people. The work environment couldn’t be better. I feel lucky to have a space where I can create new things and put on paper new ideas. Innoactive is all about innovating in real-time. Now. Check their website here.

The 8th Bastille Week

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some theatre companies along the way. Besides acting, I’ve been taking photos and recording video of some theatre productions. Annually, Bastille Week takes place in London where Exchange Theatre presents their latest work. Exchange Theatre is an international company established in 2006 which produces and translates unknown or rare French-speaking plays. Since then the company has grown into different directions taking new opportunities within theatre workshops, amateur drama classes for French-speaking and also doubling their professional plays (English and French version). These are some of the best photos I took during this week.

NY Portuguese Short Film Festival 2015

  There has been some annual festivals I’ve been involved in some way. First as a member of the audience, then as a participant and finally as a contributor. The NY Portuguese Short Film Festival (NYPSFF) is produced by Arte Institute since 2011. It brings you the “Portuguese culture to the big screen and showcase films with a unique Portuguese perspective. The NYPSFF offers a contemporary Portugal full of ideas and spirit while bridging audiences with different cultural background.” Today, the NYPSFF is still growing all over the world and you can be a part of it. Check their website for more info and to know more upcoming sessions.

Festa do Avante!

there are three days a year where one of the oldest festivals in Portugal occurs in early September. Festa do Avante! is something I recommend to dance, discover and listen to not only Portuguese bands but also to some interesting sounds made in Europe. Always full of people, culture, food and politics, “Avante” (as we call it) is a good experience to share with friends and family.