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The Photography of Peter Hall

Sometimes, if I have the opportunity, I collaborate with photographers as many ways as possible. Meeting Peter was quite overwhelming due to his experience, professionalism and sensitivity. He expresses his point of view through the lens in a unique way, just like a true artist should be. I feel lucky enough to have met him by coincidence and I cannot recommend his work enough. You can visit his website here.

The Photography of Alex Brandt

I’ve met Alex due to a coincidence of events. He’s always there documenting concerts, stand up comedy shows, theatre plays and other sort of entertainment/social gathering. He’s super versatile, practical and most importantly, he makes the subject of his photos feel as natural as possible in front of the camera. It’s something I cannot explain, but I leave below some examples of his work. He’s also a great brainstormer to discuss ideas with. I truly recommend to check his portfolio: Save

A 360 Video Experience

Due to privacy reasons I couldn’t compel a 360 Video showreel but still, I figured out I could walk through Munich and show you some of my favorite parts of the city center. Enjoy this experience by looking around in this video. P.S. – I will get a new monopod to correct the extra “bumpiness” of future videos. Also, never mind the useless subtitles.

The Photography of Rafał Krzysztoń

Most of my friends are artists. Even if they’re day jobs elude others, they find the time and space to practice their craft. Rafal is one of those individuals who just can’t take a bad photo. It might be the Polish artistic syndrome or the fact he has more analog cameras than his grandmother. Rafal is super perceptive and his overall perspective over the subject. I was surprised to know his photography so late into my abroad adventures. He’s one of those people I’ll be collaborating all again and again. Besides the images below, you can visit more of his work here. Save Save